From Borgo Guarini to Dagala Borromeo

Thousands of years of harvests in the Trapanese countryside

Firriato’s 2016 harvest begins, as always, in the estates that fall in the Trapani agricultural area. This wine-growing area has produced high quality grapes for thousands of years and has been the cradle of many indigenous and international varieties. This year’s temperatures have not been extreme during the summer season. All in all, it was not a wet year, although the spring rains produced good vegetative development of the vines, with a slight decrease in grape yield which is around 10% for some varieties. Now we expect grapes with a higher content of mineral salts and pronounced aromatic finesse. Within this very interesting qualitative framework the Grillo grapes stand out for their olfactory richness and surprisingly elegant organoleptic qualities.

The grape harvest in Favignana

Beneficial Influence from the sea and the winds

Firriato’s precious vineyard in Favignana has fully enjoyed the beneficial influence from the proximity of the sea and the wind. On the Egadi coastline as well, the temperatures have been mild and there has been little rain.. Still, being just next to the sea, the wind caressing the vines contributes to producing a very interesting aromatic push. There was a slight increase in grape yield for all the planted varieties, which are exclusively indigenous. In addition, in the Calamoni estate on Favignana there is a particularly interesting variety that deserves a special mention, and it is Zibibbo. In this 2016 harvest it has reached new heights and, after drying on racks, it will donate all its sensory magic to Favinia Passulé.

Cavanera Etnea and the volcano's extreme appeal

Firriato's Etna DOC vineyard under the shadow of the volcano

In the heart of the Etna DOC area, on the north-eastern slopes of the volcano, Firriato’s last harvest has come to an end. We wanted to put in a crate, symbolically, the last bunch of Nerello Mascalese picked in the pre-phylloxera vineyard. Cavanera’s centennial vineyard is an emblem of Firriato’s history and of its production style, which is designed to safeguard the terroir. Although the general climate is different from that of the hillside and seaside vineyards, at Cavanera too the temperatures have maintained a constant high compared to previous years. Nerello is outstanding with both its Mascalese and Cappuccio variations but there is no doubt that Carricante has performed like a champion here. These are tiny and very fragrant grapes intended for iconic Etna DOC wines.