Slow raisining

A garden made of Zibibbo

The Zibibbo harvested at Borgo Guarini and Calamoni on Favignana is shining in the sun. Two harvests in two farms that are so close as the crow flies, so far apart in terms of the fruits they bear. This is our idea of authentic terroir that has inspired us for many years. In Firriato’s raisining garden, the grapes are laid out  on racks in the sunshine so that they can slowly dehydrate. Their colour changes day after day, turning from golden yellow to all the shades of bronze. The exposure to the sun varies from year to year, from twenty to thirty days, until the grapes look dark and wrinkled, having reached a perfect sugar content.

The hands of men

Continuous, constant care of skilled hands with timeless expertise

Every single grape will dehydrate according to a method that is as time-honoured as it is laborious. With slow, precise gestures our harvesters, led by Mosé, will start each day with a demanding and poetical task. It starts off with careful scrutiny of the colour of the grapes, then it continues with the handling of each cluster that will be turned over with the utmost care, as something delicate and precious, to expose the greener grapes to the hot Sicilian sun. This work is carried out manually with the goal of allowing the drying of every single grape and ensuring the right level of sugar and aromas that will be featured in L’Ecrù and Passulé.

Sicilian nectar

The passion for tradition and the sweetness of Zibibbo

L’Ecrù and Passulé are the Firriato labels that best represent the process for obtaining sweet wine from Zibibbo grapes. They are both natural sweet wines that come from a remarkable wine-making process. The clusters coming from the raisining arden are hand-picked off their stems and are immediately put to infuse in wine made from late-harvested Zibibbo. Alcohol is a powerful extractor of aromas, so the dried grapes will donate all their aromatic quality.  Infusion is the soul of L’Ecrù and Passulé, that reveal themselves through their intense aromas of citrus and Mediterranean scrub. Sip after sip, they conjure up the sun and the heat of genuine and authentic Sicily.