How's the weather been?

The vineyard is a mirror of the weather

Year after year our vineyards tell the Sicilian climate trends. From the Estate of Cavanera Etnea all the way to the Calamoni cliff in Favignana, also for the harvest 2016, the grapevines show without delay weather changes and tell us how the year has been. We can now say that 2016 has been on average less rainy than last year. Harvest expectations have declined towards a smaller amount of grapes produced and a very high quality level of black grapes. In the 4 Estates around Trapani there has been a normal weather pattern with alternating winds blowing mainly from the northern quadrant. The cooler temperature of these days combined with a limited winter dryness announce the harvest of black grapes with excellent structure and white grapes with very interesting flavour profiles. On “micro-continent” Etna it has been a year falling perfectly within the usual parameters while at Calamoni of Favignana the cool weather will delay by ten days the harvest of grapes that will then have excellent phytosanitary characteristics such as those from the Trapani area.

Team Firriato ready for takeoff

Preparations are in full swing in the cellar in the run up to the harvest

We all work hard daily throughout the year, but we have to admit that these days are more challenging than the others. The forthcoming harvest imposes general preparations in order to receive the fruits from the vineyard. We can’t allow the harvested grapes to wait before being vinified. The quality scheme that Firriato applies requires that everything be ready and that everyone be in the right place. These are days when the machinery is being revised, from the main winery to each single estate, and everything needs to be ready as soon as our agronomists fire the starting gun. From Etna all the way to Favignana, all machines are absolutely clean and well oiled. Shortly our grapes will be here: the beginning of a new story to be told to those who love quality wine.

Monitoring; planning; anticipating;

It’s Time for the Heroes

At Firriato we call them heroes because work in the vineyard is beautiful and tiring. It takes passion and technical expertise, and we believe that our harvesters possess both. Agronomists with their continuous sampling keep everyone on alert. We all are in constant and continuous contact, we meet directly in the vineyard, we analyse grapes by collecting them according to a precise pattern classing them by type, cultivar, micro-zone and microclimate. Meetings take place one after the other to define teams and production goals. Quality imposes strict rules like the one for the base of our sparkling wines which requires extremely accurate harvest times!